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Bed that follows your baby's growth stages thanks to its 3 mounting positions: Bed, CoSleep and Desk. 3 height positions of the platform. CoSleep kit and 120x60 mattress sold separately...
2-in-1 crib that can be used independently or attached to the parents' bed. With 5 height positions, it can be adjusted to most beds. Includes comfortable mattress and adjustable cover, 4 wheels, straps to attach to the parents' bed and transport bag. The fabric is removable and washa..
2 in 1 crib, co-sleeping or independent crib, comfortable and secure fit. The side opens easily to sleep close to the baby and in complete safety. It has a padded mattress, 2 mesh windows for good ventilation, 7 adjustable heights and reclining to improve baby's digestion. Includes 2 ..
The Moonlight frame with light is specially designed to relive the images of your baby's most precious moments, day and night. This photo frame incorporates 9 small LED lights, so that the stars really shine around your child, and which work as a kind of lamp that spreads a fairy light in the baby's..
90 cm bed rail, ideal for keeping children in bed and preventing them from falling out while they sleep. Useful for younger children but also for older ones...
With simplicity and comfort in mind, this throw pillow from the Reach For The Stars collection will make your child's bedroom more inviting and fun. Made in Portugal...
With simplicity and comfort in mind, this cushion from the Reach For The Stars collection will make your child's room cosier and more fun. Made in Portugal...
Chest of drawers in pine wood with a modern, practical and versatile design. You can apply the bath kit (sold separately) to this dresser, and you can use it at an early stage to bathe your baby more comfortably in the bedroom. Dimensions (AXLXP): 95.8 x 77.5 x 46.5 cm...
199.00€ 239.00€
Bathtub kit suitable for the MINIFIX ZY BABY chest of drawers, ideal for bathing your baby. Includes large bathtub, water drain and soap dish...
Basic white ZY Baby bed in pine wood with adjustable side. The bed base has 3 positions...
Pine wood bed with adjustable side. The bed base has 3 positions. With dimensions of 120x60 cm...
Keep your baby's clothes wrinkle-free, tidy and easy to find with this pack of 10 hangers. Thanks to their thickness, the hangers are resistant and perfectly sized for baby clothes...
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