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Car Seats

Babyauto's Biro Isofix car seat has 360º rotation with isofix in all phases. Getting in and out is very easy, as the seat can be turned facing the door to comfortably place and remove the child It can be used rearward up to 18 kg (group 0+/1) and then easily turns forward with just one rotation with..
The Easymaxi LF has a clever system that allows the seat backrest to be reclined to the lie-flat position. To recline, simply pull tge fabric cushion of the seat forwards until it locks in position.To return to the sitting position, pull fabric cushion of the seat forwards and slightly lift then sli..
Car seat, from Zy Safe, which accompanies the growth of the child between 15 and 36 kg thanks to the adjustable height in 5 different positions. Its adjustable armrest allows for greater comfort. The liner is removable and washable...
Padded chair for greater comfort of the baby, with adjustable height that adapts to its growth from 15 kg to 36 kg. ..
Elevating seat that allows the child to be held using the vehicle's belts...
This cover is universal for gr0+ car seats (0-13 kg), comfortable and with a soft lining...
Universal. Can be used with most Gr0+ car seats. Soft, they increase the comfort of the car seat belt. Washable...
Padded chair for your baby's comfort, and also a chair that accompanies your growth. As soon as the child reaches 9 kg, he can acquire the 1/2/3 group car seat and monitor his growth up to 36 kg...
Seat belt for expectant mothers, designed specifically to protect the foetus as well as the mother’s safety in the event of sharp braking., Safe Belt should be used at the beginning of pregnancy, in case of accident or emergency braking a miscarriage can be avoided by placental detachment., Can be a..
The Primecare Prestige car seat is ideal for children from birth to 25 kg. The reducers are independent and can be removed when not needed, greatly increasing the comfort of the child...
The Mickey car seat by Disney is ideal for children aged 9 months to 12 years. The inserts are independent and can be removed, providing the child with considerably more comfort...
Padded chair for greater comfort for your baby, also being a chair that accompanies its growth. When the child reaches 9kg, they can purchase the group 1/2/3 car seat and accompany their growth up to 36kg.ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT5 HEIGHTSAVAILABLE MODELBLACKCENTRAL ADJUSTMENTNOSOFT TOPREMOVABLE AND WA..
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