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Collection 'Brothers & Sisters'. Newborn bodysuit, 100% cotton. Pink knit top with ruffles on the sleeves. Paisley pattern collar, bottom and bows. Button closure at the back and press-studs at the crotch..
12.99€ 24.99€
Yellow jumpsuit for newborn. Embroidered detail on the chest. Adjustable and adjustable straps on the back. Elastic waist and hem back. Two front pockets with ears application. Tightens in the crotch with pressure springs...
12.99€ 17.99€
Gray jumpsuit for newborn baby, printed with animal pattern and with detail on the chest. Adjustable back straps with buttons at the front. Tightens in the crotch with pressure springs. Slightly elastic waist and hem...
14.99€ 19.99€
Collection 'Brothers & Sisters'. Baby girls' butterfly sleeves dress, 100% cotton, Paisley print. Button closure at the back. Ruffled sleeves and hem and lace trim. Interior with chiffon ruffle..
17.99€ 19.99€
White short-sleeved dress for baby girl, 100% cotton, with orange striped pattern. Small rainbow front print with glitter. Button back. Stamped inner label to not irritate the skin...
Pink short-sleeved dress for baby girl, 100% cotton, with colorful dots pattern. Button back. Stamped inner label to not irritate the skin...
Flowery dress for baby girl, 100% cotton. Butterfly sleeves with decorative detail applied to the finish. Tassels applied at the top. Fastens at the back with buttons. Cutting fluid. With lining...
12.99€ 24.99€
Pink baby girl's short-sleeved dress, knitted. Printed on the front. Elasticated waist with decorative bow applied at the front. Back button closure for easy dressing..
7.99€ 14.99€
Blue sleeveless dress for baby girl, 100% cotton, printed with contrasting flower pattern. Detail of pleats at the top and ruffles applied to the neck and shoulders. Back closure with buttons and bow..
9.99€ 14.99€
Baby girl's sleeveless dress, 100% cotton, with blue flower print and yellow leaves. Ruffles applied to the neck and shoulders. Decorative pleats on the top pate. Back closure with buttons and bow...
9.99€ 14.99€
Baby girl's soft blue long sleeve denim dress, 100% cotton. Color embroidery on the chest and bottom. Tassels on puffed sleeves. Front closure with buttons. Elasticated cuffs. Vapor cut..
Baby girl's sleeveless soft denim dress, 100% cotton, with embroidery on the front. Ruffles with pink lace trim applied around the sleeves. Button closure at the back. Vapor cut..
14.99€ 24.99€
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