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This beautiful toy helps to develop baby's visual perception and coordination, while making bath time fun. It has colored balls that shake as the fins rotate, creating a splash around you...
Groovy Mover vibrates when the wire is pulled down. Its vibrant colors, texture and large wings help to stimulate baby's senses. The Clip is easily placed in the stroller or the gr0 + car seat...
Water teether for relief of teething growth. It can be cooled in the refrigerator. Includes two bee-shaped teethers, green and purple. This item is assorted and can receive any of the colors shown...
Bendy Ball is a play toy with raised surfaces that will stimulate fine motor skills through sensory play, and gross motor skills while baby plays and crawls..
Suitable toy to help the baby to develop the senses through the sounds and the movement of fun colored balls. It is easily attached to the stroller thanks to the practical lock...
This captivating doll features a blend of plush, satin, and ribbed fabric to create interest and encourage your baby's tactile development. The feet offer a textured teether...
This soft puppy teaches the baby to have coordination with the hands and eyes and encourages tactile and sensory development using sounds, shapes and textures. The Doofy Dog comes with teethers, a mirror and rattles...
Essential toy, take anywhere, providing fun and relief for baby and peace of mind for parents. More than just a teether, Jerry's big dark eyes urge the baby to develop emotional connections...
This ball-shaped toy is filled with bearings. It features a plastic cylinder with rattles, a variety of hard and soft surfaces and vibrant colors. Develops baby's senses and self-awareness skills...
Very soft cloth that can be used as a hand puppet, thus becoming the baby's companion! It can be attached to the pacifier...
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Very soft cloth that can be used as a hand puppet, thus becoming the baby's companion! It can be attached to the pacifier..
For your baby, a NATTOU toy is a source of fun, tranquility and comfort. The child will be able to interact and play for several hours. The mobile is suitable for placing in cribs or beds. Easily removable to wash separatelyBATTERIES INCLUDEDNOCOLORPINK AND BEGECOMPOSITIONYESDIMENSION..
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